On 26.11.2020. (Thursday) starting at 11.00 am, a training will be held on the topic “Collection, drying and use of herbs” intended for agricultural farms, rural households and all potential service providers in agritourism. Due to extraordinary circumstances caused by the worsening epidemiological situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the training will be online using the ZOOM platform.

The training is organized as part of the regular activities of the Erasmus + project “Next destination Balkans: Agritourism Landscape Development” acronym LANDS.

The aim of the training is to acquaint participants with the role and importance of herbs  in the region in the light of biodiversity conservation, proper exploitation, determination and use. Participants will be introduced to:

  • The importance of wild herbs, basic legal regulations for their exploitation and the degree of endangerment of selected herbs in the region;
  •  Rules and techniques for collecting wild medicinal plants (equipment and tools, stay and movement in nature, calendar of picking medicinal plants);
  • Determination of medicinal plants (according to morphological properties according to ecological requirements;
  • Parts of plants to be collected and the optimal time of exploitation;  Biologically active substances of selected medicinal plants and method of use.

The training will be led by prof. dr. Drena Gadžo and prof. Dr. Mirha Đikić from the Faculty of Agriculture and Food, University of Sarajevo.