Overall project aim is to contribute to building the capacity of higher education to play an active role in the development of society aiming at improving the quality of life in rural areas through diversification of rural economy.

Specific objectives are:

  1. To develop and accredit a range of professional courses in agritourism sector enabling newcomers/starters professional development in the field. LANDS targets both academic and non academic actors to enhance their overall capacity and knowledge in the field addressing the issue of non availability of specific training courses and low training attainment level of professionals and new comers in the field.


  1. To strengthen the teaching and pedagogical competences of academic staff to train educators in the field of agritourism and rural economy through the use of ICT will result in improved skills to complete for IPARD and other funds of different agritourism stakeholders. Professional development of teaching staff at colleges is one of the key areas of intervention for successful delivery of project results as well as adults education of agritourism professionals and newcomers. This will be ensured by teaching staff benefiting from ToT sessions on transversal competences and development of project management skills for the agritourism non academic professionals.


  1. To strengthen the capacity and competences of agritourism educators as a continuation od prior Tempus project AGRIVOC training center development and in order to successfully deliver modern training courses in agritourism for professionals in the sector and newcomers, and to increase access to non formal education in the field, Serbian HEIs will benefit from intrroduction of e-learning educational possibilities.


As continuation of AGRIVOC Tempus project and with a view of further underpinning the modernization process, quality of education and networking activities between HEIs and non academic institutions, beneficiary HEIs will be establishing long term cooperation between academic and professional stakeholders in the field of agritourism.