Agriculture is ingrained in the community‘s history and plays an important economic and cultural role. This sector has influenced the development of the regions across Europe and is one of the key sectors of rural development. Agritourism has been seen core means to diversify the income of farmers. Many regions throughout the world have used their culinary and farm experiences to develop tourism products. The purpose of this project is to understand the opportunities provided by agritourism operations to the tourism sector in the region of Western Balkans.

The approach to agritourism development and promotion is seen through:

  1. Enhancing cooperation of multi-sectoral actors at local level led by college HEIs in the field of tourism, agriculture, and management, 2 Regional Development Agencies in Serbia and 2 regional development agencies in Bosnia&Herzegovina and regional NGO;
  2. Increased agritourism professional/adults training courses offer (with focus on ICT-based courses)
  3. Increased teachers/other stakeholders training opportunities with reference to EU CAP and IPARD in Bosnia&Herzegovina and transversal competences in agritourism sector in both Serbia and B&H

With assistance of reputable EU partners – Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia and Greece, major deliverables are prepared as:

  1. Situational Analysis: understanding of the agritourism sector and agritourist, review of local initiatives, courses, results of the stakeholder consultation, identification of product development and area potentials.
  2. Agritourism toolkits: in order to provide necessary information to farmers and other stakeholders seeking to become agritourism operators, project team will develop a website and introduce Moodle platform with pertinent information, professional course catalogue in agritourism topics and in transversal competences
  3. Boosting agritourism activities across the Western Balkans in mid term run bringing its landscapes closer to the EU