Project NEXT DESTINATION BALKANS: AGRITOURISM LANDSCAPES DEVELOPMENT (acronym: LANDS) has started with partner kick off meeting in Prokuplje.

foto_LANDS Kick off MS1Photo: WEBIN 2017

At the meeting the project has been presented along with key activities, expected results, and budget allocations. Several project teams have been constituted including the Steering Committee, Quality Assurance and Monitoring Committee, Team of Coordinators and Financial team.

The LANDS project will be implemented over the course of next 3 yearsand will strengthen capacities of higher education institutions (HEIs) to play an active role in the development of agritourism.

Key beneficiaries of this project are Western Balkans HEIs including the College of Agriculture and Food Production Prokuplje, College of Turism Belgrade, Business-Technical College Uzice, University of Sarajevo, University of Banjaluka and University Dzemal Bijedic Mostar. Regional Development Agencies from Nis, Uzice, Mostar and Sarajevo and Western Balkans Institute will have improtant role in this project. Academic support will be provided by EU partner universities including the Athens University of Agriculture, Slovak University of Agriculture from Nitra, Faculty of Agritourism from Brasov and Faculty of Tourism from Portoroz in Slovenia. More information about LANDS project you may find here.

Contact person for the project: Mr. Marko Stojanovic, marko.stojanovic(at)