Overall project outreach is achieved through continuous information sharing, reflection, and learning activities during and following the project lifecycle.

Specific project target groups will be reached in the following way after the project implementation period ends:

a) direct target group: academic and non-academic staff at targeted HEIs; non academic stakeholders

It is expected that realization of project activities results in strengthened relations between academic and non-academic staff from HEIs. Project activities reinforce cooperation and build a strong network of professionals in agritourism. Project involves sets of training sessions that continually improve academic staff competences enhancing their role in economic development aspects and cooperation with other stakeholders in the field.  Purchasing of equipment for e-learning and teaching and training enables constant and swift interaction among project participants via fast and modern communication methods allowing for greater access to non formal education to interested strudents and increase potential for life long learning of teaching staff. Non academic stakeholders, RDAs, entrepreneurs and associations will benefit from established joint educational programs and fostered project cooperation potentials with HEIs.

b) indirect target group: other HEIs in Serbia, local communities, experts, the media Incoming staff and staff other than directly targeted will be able to increase their competences in project management and ICTs continuously via developed training toolkits and inter-institutional knowledge transfer. Other HEIs in Western Balkans may well be inspired to join the partners network as either training participants or deliverers on particular topics. Local agricultural communities and experts, the media and HE professionals will be reached by national and international openness of targeted HEIs which will bring about economic growth and innovative practices together with more competant, highly competitive agritourism professionals.

c) potential beneficiaries/end users: students at targeted Western Balkans HEIs, farmers, decision-makers, wider public

Students at targeted partner countries HEIs will be reached and benefit by increased possibilities for non formal (e) learning. Project results will guide partner countries decision makers and wider public in agritourism investments by making relevant results available in open access educational resources beyond the project realization.

Wider public will benefit from well balenced economic development and incoming IPARD projects that will further enhance living condition in Serbian and Bosnian rural landscapes.