The Business&Tourism College Uzice is announcing the seminar on adult education and the workshop on how to design training courses in agritourism, which will take place in the conference hall of the Mećavnik Hotel, the municipality of Užice on 17-18 May 2018.

The aim of the event is to implement the activities of the work packages 2 and 3 which are a part of the Erasmus+ project titled ‘LANDS’, and are intended for those engaged/planning to engage in agritourism.

Some of the speakers at course design workshop will be:

  1. Ivana Ćirović, Director of College of Applied Sciences Užice
  2. Slavko Lukić, Director of Zlatibor Regional Development Agency
  3. Danijela Đorđević Arsić, Tourism Organisation of Užice
  4. Anđela Rajović, Tourism Settlement ‘Drvengrad’

Facilitators at the adult education seminar will be:

  1. Radomir Stojanović, College of Applied Sciences Užice
  2. Milenko Đurić, College of Tourism, Belgrade
  3. Biljana Đuričić, College of Applied Sciences Užice
  4. Marko Stojanović, Western Balkans Institute Belgrade