In cooperation with the local government and touristic organization from Municipality of Svrljig, Regional Development Agency – JUG is planning to organize workshop: IPARD II program as an instrument for a financial support in agro-tourist development.

The workshop will be organized on 21 th of August 2020 in the premises of Municipality Svrljig. The training is intended to both the already established registered agriculture producers and entrepreneurs working in agro-tourism as well as for all other interested to start their own initiatives within this sector.

The main objective of the workshop is to clarify the IPARD II program, the criteria and conditions for funding, project financing, control, procedures and necessary documentation for the implementation of Measure 1: Investments in physical assets of agricultural holdings, Measure 2: Investments in processing and marketing of agricultural and fishery products and Measures 7: Diversification of agricultural holdings and business development.

At the end of the training participants will have the better understanding of the whole IPARD process, their rights and obligations from the time of publishing the public call, request, project approval, on- site control, to investment and refunding of project costs.