May  17, 2019 in the territoryof the municipality of Bela Palanka, the Republic of Serbia in the organisation of local self-government and management of the “LANDS” project, the training of the local population on the topic  USE OF THE ORGANIC PRODUCTS IN AGROTOURISM was held.

The training was intended to raise awareness of the local population about the importance of dealing with organism production and the development of agritourism in the territory of Bela Palanka.

The training was carried out by professors of the  College of Agriculture and Food Production Prokuplje :

  1. dr Bratislav Pešić prof.
  2. dr Nebojša Zlatković

After the training was completed, it was agreed that the cooperation should continue because the population showed a high level of interest in this area, and the main conclusion was that the municipality itself has exceptional potentials that have not been used up to the right way.