On Friday, 20 April 2018 at 10 a.m. The LANDS COORDINATORS REGULAR MEETING AND TENDER TEAM MEMBERS MEETING started within morning session of LANDS project participants at The College of Tourism in Belgrade, Boulevard Zorana Djindjica 152 A, 11070 Belgrade, Serbia.

Project participants are listed on the List which is attached to this Minutes of the Meeting, representing Project Consortium of 15 high education institutions and regional development agencies from 6 countries.

The meeting was chaired by Nebojsa Zlatkovic, The College for Agriculture and Food, Prokuplje. His focus was on basic information presented on Moodle platform and discussion about implementation of the Moodle platform at project partners institutions. Issue was also what kind of the content and documents following realization of  LANDS project should be presented on this platform and in what volume and form. One option is to make available the list of all courses for training entrepreneurs and trainers in agribusiness too in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Work package 2: Preparation of courses and seminars for agritourism issues focused on exchange of know-how, creativity and innovations was opened.

Milenko D. Djuric, The College of Tourism in Belgrade and Radomir Stojanovic, The College of Business and Techniques in Uzice, informed all participants about profile and number of suggested topics and models for introducing innovative courses and seminars within LANDS Project, and trainers for suggested topics.

More than 40 topics had been suggested with brief content for one day trainings and seminars. It is agreed to prepare inventory list of topics and classify them in familiar fields of knowledge and practical experience for the next meeting.

Milenko D. Djuric reported that on the basic of pilot research in the field of agritourism offer in Serbia, there was great interest among entrepreneurs in agritourism to attend one- day seminars and workshops and to improve their knowledge and practical skills in following three fields:.

  • financing and budgeting development of village households agritourism offer and following information on the internet about available funds and submitting business plans with procedures for application for funds
  • management of agritourism business
  • creating and promoting unique tourist offer with specific program of activities and animation of visitors for engagement with works in the fields and local manifestation

It is necessary to develop creativity and motivation programs for creating unique offer and implementing new contents and activities in tourist offer (for disabled users of services, senior citizens and children) and introducing new technologies (multimedia in advertising, booking, website design, and new opportunities regarding local manifestations, local legends and storytelling, and training of local tourist guides for promotion of local tourist attractions.

The list of topics was updated with several new ideas and topics and will remain open for further updating.

Branislav Rabotic, The College of Tourism in Belgrade, suggested the program: Introduction to tourism and tourist business, with economic, social and anthropologic elements. Goran Jevic,The College of Tourism in Belgrade, suggested program: Vine Tourism. Milenko D. Djuric and Vladimir Pavkovic suggested program: Public Relations and Media Communication in Digital Age, and Jelena Jevic, The College of Tourism in Belgrade, suggested program: Adapting existing agritourism offer to the need of disabled visitors and special travel groups.

Radomir Stojanovic, The College of Business and Techics, Uzice, initiated concept of continual education and innovation of knowledge and skills within study visits and exchange of trainers and participants within ERASMUS PLUS programs.

Nebojsa Zlatkovic, The College of Agriculture and Food, Prokuplje, made final remarks and asked for all topics to be presented at the inventory list within fields of specific interests and available on the LANDS website.

The List of 24 PLUS one-day courses and seminars should be planned in accordance with time table and marked dates in calendar to suit the need of participants in different regions. Coordination should be organized fn local regional centers with full cooperation with entrepreneurs, local development agencies and EU partners on the LANDS Project.

After the lunch break, the meeting took final session at 15.00 p.m. focused on discussion: Implementation and realization of tender documents and tender procedures for needed equipment of LANDS partners in accordance with their submitted lists. Session was chaired by OlgicaAndrejevic, Chief of Accounting Department, The College of Agriculture and Food, Prokuplje.